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CT Newborn Session: A Session Fit for a Princess

Happy Sunday everyone!

Newborn sessions are some of my favorite it photograph. Who doesn't love cuddling cute babies??? February was the month of newborns for me (and I absolutely loved it). Newborn sessions allow me a chance to be extra creative and capture some images that parents will cherish. Remember, newborns don't stay little for long! Trust me, as the parents of a wild one year old, its hard to remember the days when she was only a few days old. Phones are great for capturing the day to day snap shots, you know when they make a cute little face for the first time, or the take their first bite of solid foods. But it is nice to have a few professionally done pictures too to commemorate that special time, when they were that small.

Okay, enough about why newborn photography is one of my favorites, and let me introduce you to my first featured newborn of February, Baby Addie.

When I asked Addie's mom what she envisioned for her session she told me anything girlie and pink. And I ran with it! Whenever I see a prop or something that I can use in my sessions I tend to stockpile and envision all sorts of set ups that I can use them for. I had a girlie props that I have been dying to use, but just hadn't gotten around to using them in a newborn session. I knew right away that I was going to bust out my favorite little crown for this session.

Addie was 11 days new at the time of session, and I can honestly say, she was a champ through the entire session. When we started she was wide awake, and I was able to get a few images of her bright blue eyes.

After about 10 minutes though, she was fast asleep, and this allowed me the opportunity to get her unwrapped and into some Pinterest-worthy poses.

It just might be me, but I am a sucker for a baby girl in a tutu, and Addie rocked it!

Pose after pose, prop after prop, Addie nailed it! I ended up with a great gallery to share with her Mom! I think you would agree.

Enough cuteness for one evening. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a new post. Also, if you haven't checked us out on Facebook you are missing out on seeing some great pictures from my most recent sessions, as well as special discounts and giveaways. I'm going to be announcing a special giveaway on this Tuesday so be sure to check back!


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