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Introducing our Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions!

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to announce that we have a brand new session that we are adding to our newborn collection......the Fresh 48 Session! I've been eager to get more into birth photography since having my daughter almost two years ago. It's funny how quickly those few days at the hospital after your little one arrives go by. As a photographer I tried my best to capture some special images of my daughter, but to be honest, I was sleep deprived, and just wanted to lay down and cuddly my little girl. I wish I had hired a photographer to capture those special memories, which seem so long ago!

One of the many selfies that I took with my little one after she arrived

Minus a few snapshots my family members took, and the pictures my husband snapped right after her birth, I don't really have a lot of photos of my daughter and I at the hospital. Honestly it was the farthest thing from my mind, but I wish I had.

That's why I was so excited when I learned about Fresh 48 Sessions in a workshop I attended last year. It seemed like the perfect answer for a family that may not want to have every second of their birth captured, but still want some special images before heading home. It gives families the opportunity to capture those first few days home with baby in a low stress environment, while preserving those memories. Newborns change so quick, especially in those first few days, so these sessions let you capture every tiny detail.

So what exactly is a Fresh 48 Session?

Fresh 48 Sessions are held at the hospital after baby arrives. They are meant to capture the "everyday moments" of those first few hours after baby is born. The focus of a Fresh 48 session isn't to get the perfect posed picture, but rather the commemorate the beauty of the little details, and the special connection between the family and their newest addition.

What can I expect in the session?

Prior to your session, you and I will have a consultation meeting, either through email, messenger, over the phone, Facetime or in person. We'll discuss what you envision for your session. Are there certain pictures you would really like? Maybe there's a photo of you when you were a baby in the hospital you would really like to recreate with your little one. We'll talk about anything you do not want included in your session. We'll go over any questions or concerns you may have. Ultimately my goal is that you are comfortable going into your session.

These sessions are meant to be low stress, and more laid back than a typical newborn session. I'll be more of a "fly on the wall" for the session, observing and documenting the interactions between the family. While I'll provide some gentle suggestions in terms where to sit, and may give some prompting (for example" why don't you give baby a kiss on her forehead") I really take more of backseat and let you interact with your new bundle of joy. It is also a great opportunity to capture other family members meeting baby for the first time too! Don't worry about if you need to change, or feed baby during the session, or if you have a sassy toddler who may not want to cooperate for pictures. I can go with the flow. As a mom of a one year old, a newborn photographer for the last three years, there is very little you can throw at me I haven't seen before (I promise!). If you would like me to document it I am more than happy to, if you rather have your privacy for a few minutes, I have no problem stepping out.

We'll take some solo shots of baby swaddled, unswaddled, in a onesie, whatever you prefer. Then we will move on to some family photos. All you have to do is interact with your baby, and I'll take care of capturing those emotions and connections!

This sessions is meant to be low stress for Mom. You just had a baby! You deserve to rest! Throw on a comfy pair of pajamas, or a robe and just sit back with your newest little one!

When is the best time to do these sessions?

Once baby has arrived, you would send me a text, call or message letting me know. I will have blocked out time each day for the two weeks before and two week after your due date so I am able to head out to you. While these sessions are best during the day (hospitals tend to not have the best lighting in their rooms so the more natural light, the better), they can be done whenever is best for you. If you're exhausted the day that baby arrives, no problem, we'll do it the next day!

How long does these sessions last?

Most sessions will be between 30-45 minutes. I block out an hour for the session however, in case we get interrupted with the baby needing to be seen by the nurses, or the family needing a break.

Is there anything special I need to do before booking this session?

You would just need to check with your hospital that they allow outside photographers on the maternity floor. Most hospitals do not have an issue with this, but better to be safe than sorry! Also, if you let the nursing staff know ahead of time, they may be able to schedule their checks before or after your session.

Can a baby really look that different from a Fresh 48 to their newborn pictures?

Definitely yes! Babies change so much especially over the first few days. Here is a picture of my daughter that I took the day she was born, and exactly a week later! Most newborn sessions are about 2-3 weeks after the baby is born, so the changes will be even more noticeable.

What packages are offered?

Fresh 48 sessions can be added on to any newborn package or as a standalone session.

Fresh 48 add on sessions are $150 and include 30 digital images of your choice and one 8"x10" print of your choice. You can upgrade to an all inclusive package which would include all the digital files from the session in your gallery and three 8"x10"prints of your choice for $275.

As a standalone session (meaning you are only booking a Fresh 48) is $200 and includes 30 digital images of your choice and one 8"x10" print of your choice. You can upgrade to an all inclusive package which would include all of the digital files from the session in your gallery and three 8"X10" prints of your choice for $325.

Additional images, prints, albums, canvas prints can be added a la carte to your package and pricing is available upon request!

Interested in booking your own Fresh 48 session, contact SBS Photography today to secure your session. Due to the unpredictability of due dates, a limited number of sessions are available each month.

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